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The hair of everybody from hair is qualitative differ somewhat to color, some people thick hard, some people however fine soft, return some person hairs blacker, the same hair that some resembles been catch however is yellow, look serer. But those who return some person hairs to grow is very slow, and those who drop is very much also, it is concern is become very bald-headed, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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So what can stimulate a hair to grow? Having a lot of food can make a hair better grow, for instance black sesame seed, walnut.

 What can stimulate a hair to grow

1, eat what food, have what kind of hair

Say simply even if often eat a few food that are beneficial to a hair to grow, help hair grows quickly.

The bases of the hair contains sulfur namely the protein of amino acid, eat fish, thin pork, milk, bean products more appropriately everyday, long to head happening career can have certain effect, at least won’t be restrained.

Vitamin A, B, E is head happening grows important part, walnut, shrimp of animal liver, fish contains a lot ofvitamin A; earthnut, soja, spinach, tomato, Xianggu mushroom to contain a lot ofvitamin B kind, oil of corn, sesame seed, vegetable contains a lot ofvitamin E. What need an attention additionally is avoid stimulate food tartly, they are in short-term inside may promote haemal circulation, but a few active that still can restrain wool bursa from the point of long-term point of view.

2, scalp is massaged, to scalp ” apply apply fertilizer “

Having an accepted fact is, the nutrition in the hair comes from blood for the most part, is not the battalion conserve hair that we use is tasted, battalion conserve hair tastes scale of OK and thorough wool to make a hair complaisant, but the germ nourishment that the hair grows still comes from blood. So massage scalp is the good method that the stimulative hair of clearly grows, and still can prevent trichomadesis.

The proposal of massage scalp still uses finger, from chin ” effective way ” slide toward the top of head 5~6 second. Massage gimmick does not have the view that what secures, but it is very important to have a bit, it is direction must from next upgrade, going against head happening to grow way, if send strange long way down the head,cause lose one’s hair of drag in sex easily. Do up one’s hair also can be replaced massage, but do up one’s hair should choose wide tine, ox horn to comb, such ability utmost reduce the harm that correct sends.

3, compensatory vitamin, simple and tough style is raised hair

If food notices compensatory vitamin is for the faster word with head long happening, so direct take a vitamin directer. Because a lot of vitamins are OK now,buy in drugstore.

 What can stimulate a hair to grow

Grow two kinds of of the hair high grade vitamins quickly: Vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. Vitamin B2 was 1879 British chemist Bruce discovers from inside serum above all, it is the important material that manages constituent cell Hu to suck. Lack it, the metabolization of the material inside body is disorder, bring about dermatitis of fat excessive sex easily.

Vitamin B6 is the necessary material of production antibody and erythrocyte, the absorption that can quicken protein especially and use, have very important sense to organizing organic active, especially the female of postpartum lose one’s hair, general metropolis proposal is compensatory vitamin B6 helps a hairLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Grow. It is vitamin A is mixed besides support oneselfA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Element E, these two kinds of vitamins oneLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Do not lack like, but once lack head happening,long affirmation is affected. The network is pushed1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
High cod-liver oil is vitamin A replenishers actually.

Vitamin E still has a magical effect is external use, in Bai Meifu is in the beauty and conserve hair domain, vitamin E often by external use. Long brow and eyelash are for instance OK vitamin E direct daub is in shampoo of hair place; when also can mix vitamin E shampoo, protect hair element to be used together, can quicken a hair to grow!

4, protect the oil that send seed, raise hair spirit implement!

The times that protects film of hair element, hair is getting at present a few menace, because oil of plant sex essence of life was shown stronger raise hair potential. Be different from a tradition raise hair product, oil of essence of life can permeate scalp directly, because this a lot of people believe, oil of essence of life can promote a hair to grow quickly more.

 What can stimulate a hair to grow

The plant that contains face cream gland only just may yield essence of life is oily. Oil of essence of life has close fat sex, permeate extremely easily at the skin, and the blood capillary that borrowing next hypodermic and adipose abundance and enter system inside, provide nourishment to wool bursa directly, this is the tradition is protected send those who raise hair product to cannot be accomplished. Research makes clear, of oil of essence of life tall volatile can send a head the department directly even, adjust the physiology function of mood and body. This also is to be at presentShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Number is not much, can lose one’s hair of sex of slow down spirit, make a hair fast restore to grow the method in speed.

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