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Batteries is a kind of commonner in the daily life of people articles for use, a lot of toys are young perhaps home appliance, need to use cell. Although batteries brought a lot of to the life of people, but to dot, batteries1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Not be a kind of very good plaything however, play the sentence of batteries for a long time, can cause very big effect to the health of darling even. Below, introduce a child to play the harm of batteries for everybody!

The child plays the harm of batteries

1, zincic salt kind can make protein precipitates, have stimulative effect to leather film mucous membrane.

10-50 a unit of length should exceed in the chroma in water history / rise to be sent from time to tomeLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Cancerous risk, the likelihood causes chemical sex pneumonic.

2, the manganese save up of excessive causes infantile nerve sexual dysfunction within body.

A few modern medicine consider to think, manganese is metal of nerval of a kind of harm, handkerchief goldShanghai noble baby

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Disease of dark family name is the result that a large number of manganese accumulate in cerebrum base ganglion namely. The baby is licked bite dry cell, very easy meeting is bitten defeat and bring about the manganese heavy metal inside batteries to enter infantile system inside, cause nerve sexLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Functional obstacle. Manganese has accumulated much more inchoate expression to be tired and faint, dazed, have a headache, insomnia, lower limbs it is faint, difficult to walk, serious person still can appear dysphonia, memory drops, wisdom1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Power is low symptom.

The child plays the harm of batteries

3, can bring about gastrorrhagia.

Once button batteries enters gastric ministry, be corroded very easily by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, a few basic material inside batteries can enter gastric ministry, injure gastric mucous membrane, serious when can cause haemorrhage, erosion.

4, burnable esophagus.

Swallow batteries to depend on posing block not only to the harm of children by accident, still depend on batteries can be in tracheal or esophagus embeds a place to form voltaic annulus way and burnable all round organization. And introduce according to paediatrics doctor, button lithium battery connects regular meeting card to be inFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Esophagus or throat, because leakage of crust burst discharge corrodes acidity material,meet inside two hours, burnable esophagus.

The child plays the harm of batteries

It is actually in the life, the mercury of a few lead that contains inside this batteries is rife really, so if darling is carelessly if, also can let darling suck abdomen inside, the amount of a few autographs that allows darling is achieved, very tall, those who affect baby is healthy, be so in the life or as far as possible do not go enjoying product of a few electrons to darling, resemble batteries and so on, compromising the body growth of darling, even also may, affect the issue of baby intelligence.

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