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Every female can experience oviposit period after manhood, there is oviposit period in the meeting after menstrual menarche ends commonly, the time that is oviposit period only is not fixed, when the 1~2 of uterine development after year, oviposit period can enter certain regular level, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The female can adopt him period come wet time, those who judge an oviposit period probably time, inShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Oviposit period while still can leucorrhoea is secreted, pass leucorrhoea to also can judge an oviposit period.

 What calls oviposit period

Girl oviposit period

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Through menstrual cycle the notes concludes oviposit period

The menstrual cycle limits of whole world female is 21 ~ 35 days, average it is 28 days, generally speaking, if have the law, the normal period that has oviposit is periodic, the corpus luteum of menstruation of the arrival after oviposit period, time is relatively fixed, it is 12 ~ 16 days, average 14 days; Oviposit a few days ago, we cry follicular period, because its time is periodic accident is very abhorrent, but the corpus luteum after oviposit day period, agree basically, it is 14 days.

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Accordingly, the period with normal rule is periodic, your cycle is 21 days, that is possible periodic the 6th, 7 days with respect to oviposit, if your menstrual cycle is 35 days, the time of oviposit is likely be in the 20th day or 21 days.

Method 2 foundations temperature detects

Successive 6 measure fundamental temperature to 12 months and try to record, fundamental temperature can rise after oviposit 0.3-0.5 ℃ . The female of equipment pregnant can buy a thermometer, swing 35 ℃ before sleep everyday the following, awake every morning (6-8 after hour Morpheus) do not do any exercise, measure temperature instantly.

 What calls oviposit period

Method 3 palace neck is mucous observation

General from menstrual cycle the 10th day or so, begin to observe everyday and be recorded. To a few days after menstruation, it is to an impression goes merely, do not ask to begin from menstrual wheeler. Go every time closet when, check is looked up protect mat, the secretion that sees nurse be filled up how many, particularly bright mucous.

These bright parts, basically be with palace neck mucous those who give priority to, you can be touched with the forefinger of the hand take transparent and mucous, pull open with big toe next, look pull silk to spend have how long, if exceed 8cm, be close to oviposit, if exceed 12 centimeters, there should be oviposit in the meeting inside 24 hours, of course, considering the individual otherness of everybody, proposal or the data that measure with the individual are accurate.

 What calls oviposit period

Method 4

The corpus luteum in fluid of female make water makes hormone (LH) can appear inside hour of the 24-48 before oviposit high peak value, use oviposit period test paper detects well and truly the peak value level that gives LH. After beginning to detect, should time everyday detect, when will appear when the color that approachs high peak value, should till detect,every other checks 12 hours peak value giving LH.

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