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Erect because epididymis is phlogistic,spermary aches is or the reason of orchitis causes, and male friend undertakes in what move at ordinary times sexual life and masturbation also can be caused erect spermary aches, hope man friend should want a society abstemious, and ache to spermary when, should want to notice to rest more, erect to need us to have treatment in time sorely all the time.

Erect spermary aches

1, if the male appears after the penis erects spermary is aching, this kind of symptom is epididymis likely phlogistic or the symptom of orchitis, if the male appears when this kind of circumstance, answer to undertake in time checking to the hospital, so that early diagnose early treatment, cause the man because male spermary is aching very easily not Yo happening, male spermary is accordingly aching must bring to sb’s attention.

2, the male aches in the spermary after erecting, it is to suffer from orchitis likely very, male orchitis normallyShanghai noble babyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Can have shiver, high fever, wait for a symptom sorely, serious person afterwards of possible still meeting sends septicemia, behave aggravate all over, accompany have the feature of alvine stomach trouble such as disgusting vomiting.

Erect spermary aches

3, after the male erects if appear,spermary aches, it is epididymis likely phlogistic the patient side that bring about should difficult secret anguish, connectShanghai Long Feng forum

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Regular meeting expression bilges to drop feeling, ache constant drag in arrives next abdomen and the groin that be the same as side, can incorporate sometimes a hair sex and scabbard film accumulate fluid, it is certain to can have to the maleLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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influence, because this should want active treatment.

Erect spermary aches
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If the male appears the spermary after erecting is aching, should take cure seriously, if be treated not in time, the accentuation with can ceaseless illness, possible meeting affects male sexual life, the fecundity that can cause the man is affected, because this male is in daily life,want the habits and customs with good nurturance and dietary habit.

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