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 If the man often feels the waist is cool measure probable the disease that is nephritic respect, because to male friends, if feel,want cool, their sexual life also can be affected certainly, and because the waist is cool,still may appear the likelihood of lumbago, must notice lumbar heat preservation so, be in especially the summer when, must not wear the dress of waist of a few dew because of to be warm, so is man waist both sides cool how should do?

 Man waist both sides is cool

If lumbar abdomen always is icy, the word also is abnormal, should have treatment in time, especially female brethrens wear the dress everyday less, cause disease of a few bodies easily, what cause the most easily is the waist and abdomen icy, this kind of condition lasts whenA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The harm of the body is greater, cousin is regular waist and abdomen icy, still making treatment now, if appeared,say with everybody lumbar abdomen is icy, how should be treated, breakfast does breakfast of remedial body ability to restore health.

Man waist two side are cool how to return a responsibility

The first: If the waist is abdominal icy word breakfast is treated, the method still has a lot of to plant, should wear the dress everyday a bit thicker, do not wear the dress that shows a small of the back, notice the word of heat preservation, ability breakfast improved the position with lumbar icy abdomen, still should use a few Chinese traditional medicine to stick of course cream.

 Man waist both sides is cool

The 2nd: Treat the word with lumbar icy abdomen, be about to improve a constitution, general constitution slants cold person appears easily lumbar abdomen is icy, should eat the food of a few lukewarm sexes more so, the society is nourishing, such word ability improves a constitution, let be far from the condition with lumbar icy abdomen.

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3: After coming in the winter if feel lumbar abdomen is icy, want to alleviate this kind of condition, can warm stickSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Stick in lumbar abdomen, can feel a lot of more comfortable, of course, dietary improvement is very significant also, can eat a few hotpot more, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Have lukewarm the action that fill, can alleviate symptom.

 Man waist both sides is cool


If lumbar abdomen is icy, can undertake appropriately enriching the blood filling enraging, such word can alleviate symptom, can eat to enriched the blood again the red jujube of the effect or medlar, perhaps have filling gas effect, the root of remembranous milk vetch is right choice.

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